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Moved to Horyu-ji. More Wikipedia pages linked there. Consistent with other temples. Keep redirect to help users from Google.

Since ji means temple "Horyu-ji Temple" is like saying "Fujiyama Mountain."

True. I suppose this is the same problem as HIV Virus, which means HI-virus virus. Unfortunately, quick googling suggests Horyuji temple is far commoner than Horyu temple. It's silly but I can't help. -- Taku 03:48, Aug 4, 2004 (UTC)

en: I wonder why you had not 'move'd the article. 'History' was broken off.
Will somone please join Histories between "Horyuji temple" and "Horyu-ji"?.
ja: 何故、記事を(コピー&ペーストではなく)"移動"しなかったのか、疑問に思います. 履歴が途切れてしまいました. どなたか、"Horyuji temple"と"Horyu-ji"の履歴を統合して下さい.
Wandering perfect fool 21:31, 24 Aug 2004 (UTC) (Plese excuse my poor English.)

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